Blade 2000 By: ACTIVISION

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POWER of an Immortal
SOUL of a Human
HEART of a Hero
This is a very good Action/Beat 'em up game. You are the half vampire/half human vampire hunter Blade. Your mentor the Whistler discovered a clan of vampires bearing a tattoo you have never seen before, and an evil plot. Your mission is to track the vampires to their source and put a stop to their trouble-making.
The graphics for this game are good, but the music could be better. Other than that it is a really good game. If you like guns and vampires, this is your game.


Guide Blade through each level, fighting thugs and vampires on your way to the level bosses. To get to the boss, you have to find special keys to unlock the floor with the level boss. To use your secondary weapon press A+B at the same time. Your secondary weapons are different each level. They are a throwing knives, swords, and stun guns. While you're playing the game you may notice under your health is a thin blue line. That is your serum count, and if it reaches zero before you reach the end of the level, you die. You can not stop this from happening, it's like a timer.
Starting each level, you will have to fend off a wave of attacking thugs. After you deal with them, you will have to fight your way across the level, looking for items that will improve your character's stats in rooms, alleys, bathrooms, etc.

Start Button PAUSE
Select Button Super Speed
HBJNV94B2BWDP Level 02
WQSX4!VD!0CJB Level 04
20X00646S8C3Z Level 05
8!604?QJ!?CL5 Level 06
9?!1MWGKT?C1C Level 07
w1!1m60kt8c20 level 10
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