Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing 1990 By: Data East

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Pure turbo racing - wheel to wheel - high speed combined with high tech. With Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing you're competing in the most challenging racing circuit in the world. It's a grueling battle through sixteen different courses through sixteen different countries.

Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing gives you incredible racing excitement and realism. And best of all it gives you Al Unser Jr. himself. Before each race, Al Unser Jr. personally gives you his expert inside tips on how to handle the course. Design your own car, or get ready to drive Unser's incredible red, white and blue race machine.

Go ahead - test yourself against the world's best. Many try but few succeed. With Al Unser Jr. the odds are in your favor.

--From the NES Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing instruction manual.

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Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing is a typical driving game. You get to race an Indy car. The thing that stood out in this game was the responsibility of shifting gears. Most racing games do it automatically. While it was pretty much some of the same old same old, it was still fun. The graphics were well drawn, they reminded me of Rad Racer. The audio was pretty annoying because there were a lot of sounds that sounded like white noise. The controls were responsive, which is essential for a racing game. This is a high action racer worth taking for a spin.


The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys steer your car left or right. Hit the UP arrow to shift up and the DOWN
arrow to downshift. You have three gears plus TURBO.
For TURBO, hold down the UP arrow while holding down the A BUTTON. You will only stay in turbo for as long as you hold the UP arrow. When you release it, you automatically go back into third gear.
You can race for the circuit cup, or you can practice with time trials. In the circuit competition, only the top six racers will score and get stat points, but everyone will advance to the next race. After all the races are over, the scores will be added up and the one with the highest wins. At this point, you can also spend stat points to upgrade your Indy car in six areas: speed, acceleration, suspension, turbo, durability, and pit. You start with sixty points to distribute, and you will get additional points at the end of each race.

A Button Accelerator
B Button Brake
Start Button Start, Pause
Don't forget to brake around really sharp turns.
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