Krion Conquest, The 1990 By: Vic Tokai

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In 1999, the Krion Empire robot battalion descended upon the earth, and brought the planet to the brink of destruction. The Krion Empire demanded the immediate and unconditional surrender of the world. When planet Earth refused, the Krion Empire started a massive general attack.

The Krion Empire set up large bases at points all over the world from which they sent out their robots. The robot hordes attacked indiscriminately. Their power overwhelmed even the most advanced armaments of the world. Nearly everyone believed the world would soon be ruled by the Krion Empire.

But now...........

--From the NES Krion Conquest, The instruction manual.

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The Krion Empire, which is full of robots, have invaded Earth and demand a surrender. But Earth gets nearly destroyed for not forfeiting. So now, a witch by the name of Francesca will use her magic cane to fight the empire and save the world!


This game plays like Mega Man. You use your weapons to kill off the robot armies. But there are also a few differences. You get a whole bunch of powers at the beginning, and you get to fire at other directions, which makes easy for above and below combat.

You have 6 different powers: Normal, Fire, Freeze, Ball, Shield, and Broom. With some of your attacks, you can hold down the fire button to make the shot more powerful!

A Button Jump
B Button Shoot weapon
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Select Button No use
Broom Power
Don't forget that the broom power allows you to fly.
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