Keith Courage in Alpha Zones 1989 By: Hudson Soft, NEC

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When your last name is Courage, you know you're destined for great things. In "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones", a charming 2D scrolling slasher, Keith is tasked with no less than saving the world. "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones" doesn't take itself too seriously, a requisite trait for any enjoyable 2D scroller. While keeping it light, "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones" also manages to include a ton of different gaming aspects that are rarely, if ever, seen in the 2D platform scrolling genre. "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones" features colorful graphics, crisp controls, and catchy music. The enemies are well crafted, and hilarious, such as the anthropomorphic pistol enemy that shoots giants bullets at our hero (we've come a long way from mushrooms). What else should be expected of an enemy hailing from the ranks of the Beastly Alien Dudes, or B.A.D. for short. Luckily, Keith is a member of N.I.C.E., or the Nations of International Citizens. Nothing short of a riot, "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones" is a must play for any scrolling fan, or gamer with a few extra minutes and a sense of humor.

Earth has been hit by a comet, and the B.A.D. has burrowed deep into the earth's crust. As Keith Courage, you must utilize your sword, and Nova suit (given to you by your fallen father) to slash your way to the Robo Zone (B.A.D. headquarters), recapturing earth and restoring humans to their rightful place in the galactic food chain.


Keith Courage must slash his way through seven stages, or Zones, if he hopes to save the world. Each Zone is comprised of two levels, an Overworld, and an Underworld. Keith is only afforded one life, but the player may continue on the same level that Keith died on by merely opting to Continue. After Keith has expired, and the player continued, Keith will restart the stage with half of his money and bombs.

Keith must make his way through the Overworld, using his dagger and fighting various birds and mammals. Keith is only afforded three hearts of life in the Overworld. After progressing through the Overworld level, Keith enters his Nova Suit and transports to the Underworld (via rainbow). Keith's Nova Suit has more life (five hearts), and is armed with a lethal laser sword. At the end of every Underworld level, waits a boss. Upon defeating the boss, the player will pass the Zone and progress to the next stage.

While playing in the Overworld as a mere human, Keith can access a number of different huts, encountering friends that will help him along his way. Help always comes with a price in "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones". Fortunately, enemies drop gold coins fairly frequently in the Overworld. Keith can use the cash to purchase upgrades from his friends. Gold coins are worth 50 money units, while red coins are worth 200 money units.

In the Hospital, Nurse Nancy has the power to heal and can provide Keith with extra life, for a price of course (doesn't the world's fate justify a credit line!). The Wise Wizard sells Bolt Bombs to Keith that enhance his weaponry in the Alpha Zones. The most important of Keith's enterprising associates is undoubtedly the Weapons Master who sells advanced sword power-ups. The sword power-ups are only utilized in the Underworld, but make no mistake, they are essential. The power-ups lengthen and strengthen the Nova suit's power sword, and are essential for defeating bosses.

- TG-16 Controller -
Up Enter shop
Down Crouch
Left Move left
Right Move right
I Jump (hold to jump higher)
II Attack
Select Use with direction key to return to the previous menu
Run Start / Pause

Level Select - Reset game by pressing Run + Select, then push I + II + Run + Select. While still holding all the buttons press Up 8 times.
Meow Money - Kill as many flying cats as possible, if you kill enough, a red cat will appear that will drop a red coin when killed.
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