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"Pac-Land" is a side-scrolling entry in the Pac-Man series. Originally debuting in arcades, and released in 1984, "Pac-Land" wasn't ported to the TG-16 console until 1990. "Pac-Land" has been ported to multiple console systems, but the TG-16 version is ubiquitously regarded as most closely resembling the original arcade version. In "Pac-Land", Pac runs across a series of stages set in a variety of different locals.

In "Pac-Land", Pac is tasked with shuttling fairies (held underneath his hat) to fairy land. This game is exceedingly easy, and as such is a great game for younger children.


Set on Pac's home island (I guess those dots really added up), Pac's journey is hindered by those relentless communist ghosts who tried to keep Pac from strip mining their home in the original (in Pac's defense, he did have the appropriate permits). Pac can power up by eating Power pills (OK maybe this game isn't great for children), which when consumed turn the ghost enemies blue and allow them to be consumed.

Up to two players can play "Pac-Land", while alternating turns. Pac's objective of restoring the fairy population is separated into trips, each with a unique environment. During his trips, Pac must avoid environmental hazards and ghosts. After shuttling all of the fairies to fairy land, Pac is rewarded with a pair of flying shoes, and must make his way back home to Ms. Pac-Man (she's not Mrs. yet?! If you love her then you better put a ring on it Pac!).

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