Parasol Stars 1991 By: Working Designs

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"Parasol Stars" is a quirky and addictive single screen platform game. The third entry in the Bubble Bobble series (having been preceded by "Bubble Bobble" and "Rainbow Islands"), "Parasol Stars" features Bubby and Bobby fighting through a number of different monsters and worlds. The player must fight through eight different worlds, each comprising of seven rounds.


"Parasol Stars" is very similar to "Bubble Bobble", and considering how beloved the original was, that's not necessarily a bad thing. "Parasol Stars" does set itself apart from "Bubble Bobble" in that it is bigger, has better graphics, features tighter controls, and is a blast to play single player. It also feels as if you are truly playing an arcade game (whether that is a positive depends on the gamer I suppose).

The player's objective is to clear the screen of enemies and proceed to the next level. The player neutralizes enemies using a parasol. The parasol can be used in many different ways including picking up an enemy and throwing them, as well as used as a shield. The parasol can be used to slow the player's descent, and hurling power-ups at enemies. The parasol can also be utilized to pick up the player two.

The player is afforded three lives and one continue. When enemies are defeated they will drop items worth varying points. Extra lives can be earned by accruing 100,000 points. Before the player can proceed to the world, a boss must be defeated. Scattered throughout the levels, the player will find little bubbles with different icons in them. All of the items can be grabbed and slung at enemies, but if enough are collected, a giant bubble will form. Different icons can be used to varying effects. The water icons can be gathered and used to unleash a torrent of water at enemies or fellow players. The flame icons can be gathered to unleash a wave of napalm against enemies. Lightning icons release lightning across the screen, and can penetrate walls. Releasing a giant star bubble will cause five smaller stars to separate from each other, resulting in a massive and deadly meteor that rains death on enemies.

- TG-16 Controller -
Up Direct Parasol up
Down Direct Parasol down
Left Move left, direct parasol
Right Move right, direct parasol
I Jump
II Use parasol
Select N/A
Run Pause
Item Chart:
Magic shoes - helps player move twice as fast
Hearts - give player bonus
food when a level is finished
Crooks - awards multiple hearts
Power heart - awards deadly powers for a limited time
Clock - freezes time
Diamond ring - unleashes a deadly glowing star to aid the player
Bomb - destroys enemies
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